Water Resources Management

MSDES is a national counterpart for SYDRO and provide local knowledge and national practice in the study of water resources management by SYDRO.

SYDRO Consult is an independent consulting company with in-depth knowledge and long-lasting experience in the field of Water Resources Management. The company is highly specialized and provides expertise in modelling and operation of water infrastructure, integrated water resources management, risk and impact assessments, flood control, early warning and in particular integrating non-structural measures. Members of SYDRO have been engaged by the Mekong River Commission and are currently advising the Nile Basin Initiative in integrated and transboundary water management.

SYDRO is involved in water projects of all scales and works as a consultant for water authorities, operators of water infrastructure, private enterprises, mining companies, river basin committees, ministries, state agencies and international organizations. SYDRO comes into play if integrated and cross-cutting concepts are requested in conjunction with assessments and operation of water infrastructure. Thus, operation of water infrastructure, assessment of natural hazards or evaluation of complex cause-effect relationships between different sectors represent most of the projects.

The portfolio of SYDRO comprises

  • Integrated water resources management (IWRM) and cause-effect analysis
  • Modelling of hydrology, water allocation, 1D/2D/3D hydraulics, erosion and sedimentation
  • Risk assessment of dams, reservoir operation including real-time operation
  • Risk assessment of floods and droughts
  • Non-structural measures like early warning systems, emergency preparedness plans
  • River basin and flood-control management
  • Integrating ecosystem services and ecosystem-based measures
  • Risk and impact assessment of effects of climate change, mining, land use management
  • GIS, data management and data modelling
  • Consulting and capacity building for river basin committees, water authorities and operators

Besides water resources and modelling projects, SYDRO is involved in capacity building and international and national organisations, e.g. ICOLD.