Thermal Power Plant EIA

“Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESIA) project for the development of 50MW Gas Engine Power Plant at Ywama Power station, Insein Township, Yangon, Myanmar was conducted by MSDES”

Development of proposed gas engine power plant (50 MW) is private sector participation in Myanmar Electric Power Industry; Myan Shwe Pyi Limited contracted as turnkey contractor and UPP Power (Myanmar) Limited contracted as a project developer. Although there are existing Gas Turbine Power plants, within and in the vicinity of Yangon, such as Ywama, Taketa, Ahlone and Hlawga, there has been inadequate supply of electricity to suffice the peak load demand especially in the drought season. Predicted power demand in year 2013-2014 is 800MW~900 MW. Fast track solution and low carbon electricity generation like development of Gas Engine Power Plant (GEPP) is considered for optimization of power supply and gap reduction between power demand and supply in order to alleviate power shortage in Yangon District.