Hydro Power EIA

“Nam Paw Hydropower Project (20 MW) developed by Great Hor Kham Public Company Limited in Muse Township, Northern Shan State, Myanmar”

The proposed project will fulfil the regional and national electrical requirement through connecting national grid. Myanmar Sustainable Development Engineering Services Company Limited (MSDES) took responsibility for Environmental, Socio-economic and Health Impact Assessment. Dam breaking analysis was conducted by SYDRO, Germany with the collaboration of MSDES.

Activities performed:

  • ESIA project formulation and Design; screening potential impact from project activities
  • Field survey and investigation in aquatic ecological study, taking leading role in Public Stakeholder Meeting to promote project transparency
  • Input of local concerns and suggestion/comments into designed-ESIA framework
  • Input of ESIA knowledge into the study of sector-wise social questionnaire survey and supporting field surveyor team to achieve fine resolution of result from SIA study
  • Integration of results and findings from each study components; exchanges of key findings between study teams to promote the efficiency of study design
  • Writing clear and comprehensive recommendation for decision making bodies (Authority)
  • Providing environmental management solutions to mitigate adverse effect from Nam Paw dam installation; conducting research activities and collaboration with international institution
  • Providing best technical solutions,
  • Closely engagement with authorities for verification of requirements; acquisition of guidelines from concerned authority and presenting status of project and outcomes