Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment


Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) is a very fundamental tread in all development sectors to ensure the long-term sustainable approach which brings protection and conservation of the environment and natural resources.

Development of new industries and industries with poor technical design may lead vast negative impacts on both physical and social environment. Experts from Myanmar Sustainable Development Engineering Services (MSDES) have broad knowledge of industrial and environmental engineering. With this capacity, MSDES performs ESIA in order to find out appropriate mitigation and monitoring measures that can be incorporated into the design of the proposed activities to minimize any adverse effects or any lasting negative consequences identified.

MSDES conducts ESIA studies for Industries and Infrastructure Projects with well qualified experts to conduct Studies which includes – Project Formulation (Screening, Scoping, Impact Prediction, and Mitigation), EIA Project Design, Project implementation and Environmental Management Program.

As a part of the study we also do Baseline Data Collection, Risk Assessment, Ecology Assessment, and Environmental Monitoring Program.