Environmental Monitoring


For achievement of sustainable development goal, effective environmental monitoring programs stand as one of the essential pillars in Environmental Management Plan (EMP). It provides us information, at regular intervals, to justify how the project activities cause effects on the existing environmental conditions inclusive of social and health perspectives; proactive actions or modification of mitigations could be considered if regular monitoring results show negative changes on existing conditions during the review process. Thus it needs to monitor on natural resources and on project activities as well.

Regulatory requirement on industrial emission or effluent quality by the receiving environment (i.e., air and water) must be in line with National Emission Guideline (NEG).  Spatial and temporal results of monitoring are required in continuation of Environmental Clearance Certificate in the meantime project transparency can build up the trust between neighboring community and project.

Dynamic changes (i.e., physically, chemically and biologically) on environment by mega project always involve scientific uncertainty that can only be solved by long term monitoring and series of review process.

Having strictly followed by the standard sampling method and accountability of national laboratory and in-depth knowledge in each study component, MSDES provide fine and best resolution result of monitoring and the most practical solution in modification of EMP.