Dam Safety Enhancement

SYDRO Consult and MSDES got in touch the first time in 2015. While working on a hydropower dam project in the Northern Shan State, MSDES was asked to assist the investor in the search for a natural hazard assessment and emergency preparedness plan consultant for dam safety enhancement. In the course of the inquiry GIZ (German International development Organization) was involved and recommended SYDRO. Since December 2015, MSDES and SYDRO have been working together in the Northern Shan State. The collaboration encompassed stakeholder consultation and training workshops in preparation for emergency preparedness plans for authorities at district level, task forces, the municipality of Muse and affected villagers. Currently, there are no mandatory regulations in place in Myanmar which determine if and to what extent further dam safety and preparedness procedures are required. This project pioneers dam safety assessments and Emergency Preparedness Plans in the private dam development sector in Myanmar.

Beside the collaboration in the hydropower dam project, SYDRO and MSDES conducted presentations at the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry and cooperate for modeling in terms of Environmental Impact Assessments and risk preparedness. MSDES works throughout Myanmar and conducts Environmental / Social Impact assessments and awareness raising campaigns dealing with the interplay between infrastructure development, natural hazards and environment. Apart from the fact that MSDES bridges the language barrier, the combination of SYDRO and MSDES ensures that the highest quality of international standards can be successfully transferred to local authorities and decision-makers. MSDES will be the national counterpart in Myanmar with SYDRO.