Core EIA Team Member Details

Aung Nanda (Managing Director)

Aung Nanda is well experienced with the backgrounds of both Master of Environmental Science and Human Engineering (Saitama University, Japan) and Engineering in Electrical Power (Yangon Technological University, Myanmar). His qualifications in both environmental studies and engineering fields provide valuable insight into the imperatives of project development and administration.

Along with the 19 years of his professional experiences (1998-present), he has been involved in a wide spectrum of environmental science and engineering in the following areas;

  • Environmental Impact Assessment,
  • EIA review Consultancy Service
  • Environmental Audit and Ecosystem Rehabilitation,
  • Pollution Control and Waste Management,
  • Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring by using bio-indicators (i.e., aquatic insect), and
  • Risk Assessment, Site Inspections

He has 8 years of research experience (2001-2009) in river, dam ecology and mangrove ecosystem and during his research period, he reported his scientific works in 5 international publications. Moreover, His 5 years Ph.D. work, ecological impact assessment of pre and post dam installation in Takizawa, Chichibu Prefecture (2004-2009) is one of his core specializations in evaluation of watershed ecology due to anthropogenic factors.

In the sector of Industrial development, he provides optimum infrastructure design, developed from environmental engineering point of view, with Integrated Management Systems (IMS), skills and experience in order to help achieve the sustainable project development.

Apart from his management role, he remains active in ecological research and environmental conservation management with the collaboration of Department of Environmental Science and Technology (Saitama University, Japan and. He is one of the founding members of Myanmar Environment Institute (MEI) and currently offering aquatic environment and water management courses.

Project experience:

He has been the Environmental Consultant being responsible for environmental compliance s in the following projects;

  • ESIA 20 MW Nam Paw Hydro Power Project (2015~Present)
  • External EIA reviewer for technical assistance to Review Team of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC) in Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling AD7 and A6 ( 2016~ 2017)
  • Leading role in input of environmental and social consideration in development of National Oil Spill Contingency Plan and Yangon River Oil Spill Contingency Plan
  • External EIA reviewer for technical assistance to Review Team of Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry (MoECaF) ( 2015~2016)
  • Collaboration with Sydro Consult GmbH for Dam Breaking Analysis and Emergency Preparedness Plan in development of Nam Paw Hydro Power Project (2016)
  • EIA 500Ton/day Integrated Rice Complex Plant(2013~2015)
  • Rapid assessment of Letpadaung Copper Mine; Investigation on environmental performance and compliance with international standards based on Environmental Science and Engineering point of view (December, 2012), Published in National News Papers
  • External EIA reviewer in National EIA reviewer Team for Letpadaung EIA, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry(2013~2014)
  • ESIA 50 MW Gas Engine Power Plant (Ywama) (2013)
  • Collaboration Research on Irrawaddy & Chindwin River with Saitama University, Japan
  • Offering environmental lectures in Myanmar Engineering Society and Myanmar Environmental Institute

As a freelance environmentalist, he engaged in the following projects:

  • Baseline study for 2 Power Transmission Lines (Baluchaung-ShweMyo) & ( Upper Yeywa-Shwesaryan) (2011) ;
  • IEE for Gold Mining (Moehti, Yametin) (2011); and
  • 500 MW CCGT Gas Turbine Power Plant (2012).